Our Vision is Your Best Vision

This is what sets Highland Family Eye Care apart from the rest. An eye clinic that is committed to the giving the community personal and professional eye care. We believe eye care is important. So important we put it in our name, on our letterhead and on the sign outside. We believe in eye care for great vision and a better life, because we believe that the person behind the glasses is what matters. If we can make that person look great in a pair of glasses that’s even better. We believe that community is important. It is where we live, work and play. We believe in apple pie, with or with out ice cream. Especially home made apple pie, like the kind Dr. Snyder makes. Seriously, just ask him. We believe in service, in standing behind our work and our word. Eye care doesn’t end when the pupil dilating drops wear off (typically 4-6 hours), it continues every school year, every baseball season, every end of year report, Yep, even the end of year report. Now that’s a commitment to eye care. That’s Highland Family Eye Care. That’s visionary.