Your annual eye exam is an important part of your preventative health care. At Highland Family Eye Care, we have provided residents of St. Paul, MN, with reliable eye care services for many years. Read on to learn more about preparing an eye exam with our optometrist.

Bring Your Glasses or Contacts

If you already have a prescription for glasses or contacts from an optometrist, you should bring these to the exam with you. Our eye doctor will want to examine your vision with your glasses or contacts and also without them. This will help our doctor determine if your prescription needs to be adjusted.

Bring a Friend

It is sometimes a good idea to bring along another person to your eye exam if you are having tests done that could affect your vision. You will want to have someone to help you get home safely. Be sure to talk with the doctor to find out if any such procedures are planned. Sometimes, even if a procedure is not planned, the eye doctor may want to do a procedure after examining your eyes. It is helpful to already have a friend with you who can get you home safely if your vision is temporarily impaired. A friend or family member can also help you if you need to pick out frames for glasses. Most people like to have someone they trust who will advise them on how a set of frames look on their face.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Optometrist in St. Paul, MN

If you have concerns or questions about your eye health, be sure to jot these down before your appointment. This way you will not forget anything you wish to discuss. If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you need to schedule an appointment, please contact us at Highland Family Eye Care today by calling (651) 699-5400.

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