Contacts are a great way to improve your vision if you don’t want to wear eyeglasses. If you have decided to wear contacts, you will have to choose between hard contacts and soft contacts. Which is the better choice for you? At Highland Family Eye Care, we have shared the benefits of contact lenses with residents of St. Paul, MN, for many years. Read on to learn more about making this decision.

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Application and Comfort

Of the two options, soft contact lenses are easier to insert. They are lightweight and conform to your eye’s shape. They are also made of flexible, soft plastic, which contact wearers prefer as they are more comfortable to wear all day.

Corrective Properties

Hard contact lenses tend to provide better vision. They are used to correct more eye problems than soft lenses. Additionally, hard contact lenses retain their shape while soft contact lenses can change in shape and move around. This means that hard lenses can help wearers sustain a sharper image than they do with soft lenses.


Each pair of soft contact lenses are worn temporarily. Some are made only for daily use. Hard contact lenses are made to last, and you typically don’t need to replace them for a few years. However, they can get scratched, and they often pop out of the eye more easily than soft lenses.


Soft contact lenses can be thrown out. They do need to be cleaned and disinfected after use if they are to be worn again. Hard contact lenses require more maintenance. They need to be cleaned consistently, including cleaning with a special enzymatic cleaner at least once per week.


Soft lenses conform to the eyes, leaving little to no room for things to get beneath them. Hard contacts retain their shape. This allows more oxygen to flow to the eyes, but it also allows debris to get beneath the contacts, obstructing your view and agitating your eyes.

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