Have you suddenly seen strange things in your field of vision? Maybe they look like circles, cobwebs, small dots or specks, or lines. You might try to rub your eyes or even use eye drops, thinking that something must be on your eye. If the rubbing or eye drops don’t work, chances are you’ve got flashes and floaters. They are caused by disturbances in the vitreous, and the obstructions you see are shadows of what’s really going on. Learn more about this condition with the guide provided by Highland Family Eye Care below.

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What Causes Flashes and Floaters?

The eye contains a gel-like fluid called the vitreous, which has several jobs. One is to connect the retina to the lens. Over time, the vitreous gel shrinks and can detach from the retina. When this occurs, small clumps begin to form and cause floaters in the vision. Flashes look more like lines and flashing lights. This occurs when the vitreous begins to rub against or pull on the retina. It’s not unusual to see these from time to time, but if they are constant or you develop new ones, you’ll need to see your eye doctor.

Treatment for Flashes and Floaters

In most cases, flashes and floaters are nothing to be concerned about. However, it’s essential to see your eye doctor as it could be a potential sign of a serious issue, such as a detached retina.

There is no set treatment for treating a detached retina, as many things come into play – including the underlying cause. A retina can detach for several reasons. Aging is one of them, but it’s only one potential factor. Conditions like diabetic retinopathy, eye diseases, and eye infections can also play a role as well as eye injuries.

When conditions like diabetes play a role, managing that condition can help treat or prevent retinal detachment when caught early enough. Eye infections can often be treated with antibiotics and other medications. Some other effective forms of treatment include laser and freezing therapy. In some cases, surgical intervention may be required.

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